Watch: Preparing For Korban Pesach In Boro Park



  1. זקן אשמאי !

    Sounds like he was מקדיש the animal for a קרבן פסח . Not OK.

    Could have potential הקדש , ramifications.

    I bet this זקן is מקפיד not to eat roast at the Seder .

  2. Really big halachic issue. This is not funny at all. See Shulchan Aruch OC 469 MB and Shaar Hatzion there. And that is just talking about a piece of meat. Nobody’s t as long about a live sheep. Nothing funny or cute here. Needs to speak to a serious talmid chochom.

  3. we don’t know what’s going on, nor is the date obvious to me. May be this video is from Purim and this gentleman is bringing the lamb for the costume of the sweet boy who dressed as Cohen Gadol, if you recall the picture.


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