Watch: Political Fallout From Karen Handel’s Special Election Win


Where to now for Democrats? Reaction and analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel.



  1. The Russians once again doing a good job stealing elections from the Democrats losers. Keep it up Putin!

    TRUMP WINNING AGAIN Democrat Ossoff spending $22 million compared to Republican Handel who only spent $3 million – a replay of how Trump defeated Hillary despite being vastly outgunned financially.
    Democratic Party Nominee: Hillary Clinton: Money Raised: $374 million Money Spent: $290 million Total Spent Against Clinton: $11.5 million
    Republican Party Nominee: Donald Trump: Money Raised: $98 million Money Spent: $76 million Total Spent Against Trump: $142.2 million

  2. Since Democrats are the minority there’s no way they can win anything without fraud. Obama won both terms by fraud and that’s how Hillary was hoping to win. However, Hillary was so despised even by the Left because of her astronomical amount of corruptions that she couldn’t even pull through more than 40% of the voters “including” the frauds.

  3. All the winds’ have been blowing the Republican’s way this past year since the fall. It’s not going to be forever.
    Will they squander it (on self promoting tax cuts and the like)?
    Or will they use it for the one and only thing that will surely be long lasting:Restoring Traditional Family and country values?


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