Watch: Police Viciously Beat Protesters Blocking The Road At Today’s Hafgana




  1. Why should police have to Shlep people? People should know that if the police arrive and they catch you purposely blocking traffic, you are going to get beaten up with a club immediately. They are much too nice.

    • This rule is only for chrareidim. There are protests every other day from the handicaps who block traffic but not only does no one get arrested, the police help them along.

      • Kudos to you. Thank you for pointing out this egregious double standard when it comes to acheinu bnei yisrael. Theres been a media blackout at least by the frum sites, they are completely ignoring the disabled people who have been protesting for more government benefits and blocking streets, including Highway 1, because it legitamizes this protest that was called for by one of the leading gedolim of our generation.

        • Not only a double standard for protests but a double standard in drafting. 50% of secular (esp. from Tel Aviv) evade the draft and no one gets arrested.

    • Well I see 2,800 heilege neshamos being tortured in the shmad factory also knows as the IDF. By the way, that’s only 2016’s numbers.

      • Let’s get rid of the IDF.

        HaShem will protect us from Islamic terrorists.

        We need more germorrahs – not guns!

    • Not true. You want the bachurim to stay out of prison? Encourage them to report to Drafting Station and sign-in, as most Gedolie HaTorah in Eretz Yisroel have approved.

      • Don’t know who your Gedolim are, but most Gedolei Yisrael are against reporting to the draft which means an automatic shlep into the army. Get your facts straight before posting lies.

        • True. Eretz Yisroel doesn’t need an army for protection. We have HaShem. He will prevent further bloodshed to Yidden.

  2. I can’t possibly imagine that any Gadol Btorah Umiddos would say that these Pelagshim (is that the plural for Peleg?) should be acting this way. It is never acceptable for Bnei Torah to act in a way so unfitting how a Ben Torah should act. I am embarrassed as a yid to watch my brothers in Eretz Yisroel behave this way. I am wondering if I should continue to financially support such Mosdos. Should I withdraw my monthly Adopt a Kollel contribution if my partnering kollel is a Peleg Kollel?

    • The answer is a resounding “Yes”. I would prefer sending tzedukah to a cause such as Hachnassas Kallah or helping elderly Holocaust survivors, who cannot earn money on their. The more you give to the Kollel program, the more you encourage many Avreichem to stay out of the workforce forever, which is not acceptable.

  3. They have a right to drag the chevra away from blocking traffic. But the totally unnecessary kicking that you see the officers do the protesters, shows the deep rooted hatred that they have towards Charedim. This would never be allowed here in America.

  4. What they are doing is totally disgusting. It’s a Chilul Hashem. And it mostly hurts the Chareidim living in those areas (missed appointments, missed shiurim, hours wasted, missed flights, etc). You note that they only do it in heimish neighborhoods. Why don’t they go to Tel Aviv (because they would get their brains kicked in).
    BTW – you surely are aware that the 2 guys that were arrested were arrested for driving without a license – the part about the army was only realized when they were booked. But it’s great PR for the Peleg and Meah Sheurim “leidigeiyers”.
    For shame.

  5. You are totally wrong.

    First of all, police brutality does exist in the US, i.e. Baltimore, Los Angeles, Ferguson, etc.

    Secondly, the so-called Haredi protesters throw garbage and stones at the police, and set-fires to garbage bins and Lotto booths.

    Thirdly, the protesters frequently call the police “Nazis”.

    So why is there a need for the police to treat the protestors with anything but brute force?

  6. I’ll bet anyone here criticizing the police have never suffered from these שוטים’s anarchy, nor were they ever given the job to contain them…

  7. What heter is there to disturb the public, to be mazik es horabim? For a good cause it’s ok to be mazik es horabim? Is it ok to steal to make a point? Why is this mutar? Because handicapped people do it, so therefore t’s mutar to be a mazik? so what about all other avairos that groups do? Do they now become mutar because other groups can get away with doing those avairos?

  8. Sorry, all I hear from the Peleg leaders is that they don’t endorse violence. I suggest they watch the videos available on the net. Most of the violence is being perpetrated by the demonstrators. Terrible Chillul Hashem!!!

  9. It’s terribly distasteful, offensive, gut wrenching, horrible, distasteful, and outright ASSUR the way our secular brothers are behaving in Israel. They drive on shabbos, do every aveira in the book and then some, disregard the word of HaShem which literally constitutes a chilul hashem, yet I fail to hear anyone enraged, offended, or embarrassed by their actions. It’s only when you have people following their rabbinical authority act in a way they believe is Ratzon HaShem do we hear widespread condemnation. It’s the old phenomenon mentioned by Chazal Sinas am Haartz Ltalmid chacham. Isn’t everyone supposed to follow the directive of their Gadol, since when is it a one party system? did the brisker rav not have a Deiah because the Chazon ish had his? This is old fashioned hatred toward people that are better than yourself. This is the new judiasim where shemiras haloshon is of utmost importance but solely reserved for people that aren’t better than us. And I have news for you, yes this is the way True Yidden act when their religion is under attack, how is this different than the protest by Gius Banos, Chituti shichvi? Which was directed by all the gedolim of yesteryear. Or even the latest campaign against the women of the wall which was directed by some gedolim from Beni brak, yes it’s because people are doing it following their Rabbanim which hold that it’s a Shaas hashmad and they are doing what they believe is right that it enrages all of you. Are only the secular allowed to protest? Or only the disabled allowed to close down the city in protest over 50 shekel? Yet when it comes to protecting our religions it’s shunned? I guess that by the viewers of this site HaShem is highly unpopular hence the putrid reaction. And to all the “GEINUSES” advocating violence against their fellow brothers I have one question, were it your grandfathers who threw their fellow brothers into the oven gleefully, check your yichus! Kapo Eineklach

    • This is a very important and much needed response on this site. I hope all our brothers read this, putting warped ego aside, and start to uderstand the big picture here.
      Y.Z.K., I am a fan.

  10. Can anybody tell me what these protests are going to accomplish?

    They should join Black Lives Matter. They are just as pointless, just as mislead and just as destructive.

    If your Torah is so powerful that it will protect the country, then don’t you think that it can protect you from the gezeiras hagiyus? Go sit down and learn!

    These people have no respect for humanity and are a bunch of filth clothed in the levush of ehrilicher yidden!

    The beatings should be more intense and without mercy.

    There are people all around EY who need to go daven, need to go learn, need to go to work, school, home, doctors and shopping, etc … But these mushchasim have decided to hijack society and make everybody outside of their small group miserable.

    If they don’t want to get beaten they should stay in the beis medrash.

    Kehilas Yaakov ein kocham ela b’peh!

    The beatings should be more forceful and more painful, and they should increase incrementally until these protests end!

    • great, so apply your violence equally to the disabled protesters,the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, the leftists in front of Mandelbilts house,etc. or are you only advocating violence against religious protesters?

    • You are so correct. The Zionists hate the Torah. The hundreds of millions of shekels they give to Torah institutions every year is not really worth anything. And the Zionistic soldiers and police don’t really protect us from the Arabs – they spend most of the day playing shesh-besh anyway. They should all be in a yeshiva.

  11. What a wrong headline. One- most of the gedolim of the charedi tzibur don’t advocate for this and think it’s a chilul Hashem.

    Two, there is no draft. If you continue learning in yeshiva and go to the draft office to get the deferment, you can continue learning in Yeshiva as long as you like.
    Three, these people are actually the ones getting people arrested in the first place, because they are telling people not to go the draft office to get their deferment.

    I’m in kiruv and was giving a shiur tonight, and of course a secular Israeli who comes to learn faithfully and is really growing says “What do you say to those videos?” And what is there to say? And he tells me that it is good for Israel, because now the Israelis will understand that the Charedi population is reallly not part of the community at all, and they will stop paying attention to them.
    I think there’s very few people who are on this website who think this is part of their camp.

    • You’ve obviously been sleeping for the last couple of years and have no idea what’s happening. I would suggest you go back to sleep and continue your sweet dreams in la-la-land.

    • The Zionists are committing shmad they are forcing us in to hear kol isha , to shave our beards. To live with females, they are not drafting Israeli Arabs because they know they will.blow up israel.before being drafted, our Torah protects the Zionists we are doing them a favor, the Zionists shmad from herzl only.continues today with the draft, we will never serve or even be forced to cut one strand of our beard by these atheists.

  12. Yitzchok zev kleinbard

    There are very few people who see the correctness in these protests. I myself don’t understand how they could be correct. Maybe I’m missing something, but then so are most of the people. So therefore this is making a very bad impression. It’s causing people to say ‘This is the way of The Torah?’ That’s a tremendous chillul Hashem. If there is a good explanation to justify this type of demonstration, it is still probably not worth it, since most people can’t understand it, so all it does is put The Torah in a bad light chas vesholom in the eyes of people. Believe me, most of the commentators here are frum Yiddedn and this is how they see it, so the goodness of the message of the protesters is clearly not being well presented.

    • A very worthy tzedukah – helping to support Buchrim and Avreichem from North America who have come to shteig in Eretz Yisroel.

  13. These demonstrators should really be protesting in front of the Knesset. That’s where they pass these evil laws. They should also protest in front of the Knesset members homes, especially the weak kneed “Chareidi” ones.

  14. yzklwinbard—–you ought to check your sources better..Show me one gadol who endorses making hafganos that disturbs and intrudes in the lives of other innocent yidden!!!!! You want to demonstrate then go in front of the Idf offices or jails where your friends are held—–but you have no right to stop the economy and people from continuing in their lives…Your ignorance can kill , steal , and even batil people from learning!!!! Besides , those in hafganos , enjoy what their doing “avee nit Tzu lernen!!!”. They belong behind their gemoros –not in the streets bateling away precious time…. Theior actions are a tremendous chilul shem shomayim!!!!!

  15. To all those saying that they should protest in front of the Knesset,or Knesset members homes, you have to understand they will not accomplish anything without this. A few years ago, there was a major atzeres tefillah that was supported by all the gedolim, and they had a few 100,000 people there, but it didn’t do anything. Blocking the streets is the only way to get anywhere. Even the chief of police said that they won’t be able to handle the situation for an extended period of time. So please, have a little emunas chachomim and stop hating on your fellow jew.

  16. To all those complaining about the bittul torah involved, the Rambam clearly says that one is obligated to do so:
    “היה לפניו עשיית מצוה ותלמוד תורה: אם אפשר למצווה להיעשות על ידי אחרים – לא יפסיק תלמודו, ואם לאו – יעשה המצווה ויחזור לתלמודו” (משנה תורה, הלכות תלמוד תורה פרק ג’ הלכה ד’)
    Get your facts straight before questioning gedolim.


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