Watch: Police Horse And Tramples On Protester In Bnei Brak



  1. These are yeshiva Bochurim?This is how they behave like animals rioting in the streets? Like the blacks in Harlem? where are the Rosh yeshivas of these boys? This is derech Eretz ? How low we have come woe to us.

    • Would you say such a thing to the Chazon Ish who called for mass protests such as the one we see above?

      Ehliche yidden always protested when it came to matters of yiddishkeit.

      Also, this is a classic example of civil disobedience which is praised all over the world for being the best form of protest. These ehrilche bochurim act with real mentchlichkeit and don’t engage in any violence with the police or anyone else.

      On the contrary, the police are extremely violent even though they know that a yeshiva bochur would never lift a finger to him, and that they usually aren’t in the physical shape to be any threat to the police.

      Yet when you watch ehrilche bochurim being beaten, and other ‘frumeh’ yidden are encouraging the violence against other yidden, it should make you sick to your stomach.

      If not for these precious bochurim, the Israeli government would have passed much worse laws than the ones they are discussing now. The government openly admitted that the Peleg is a major obstacle for them.

  2. Aye Bubby.
    This is 2018.
    The Rosh HaYeshivahs are the ones who send them.
    Do you believe in “DAAS TORAH”?
    Otherwise call yourself Granma not bubby.

  3. All the commentators above praised yesterday’s and before yesterday’s speakers on Ahavas Yisrael towards all Jews including deep sinners. Where’s your ahavas Yisrael on tzaddikim, holy yeshiva students fighting the anti-Semitic government who wants them to convert them to goyim and make Israel Chareidi-rein?

  4. Looks like the rioting “tzaddikim” spooked the horse. The policeman was not in control of the animal when it trampled the mazik.

  5. Most comments here show a complete lack of understanding of the society and views in a world outside of your own. I am not condoning anything, yet simple logic would dictate that one should do his own research before posting these comments.
    A sage defined open mindedness as being able to hear the other side, he would say tell me what my side is then we can have a discussion. Thank you


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