Watch: PM Netanyahu’s Powerful Message To Every Mother And Father


This is a message to every parent, to every mother and to every father: The other day, Israeli preschoolers were playing in their yard. Out of nowhere, an innocent looking balloon descended upon them. Yet this was no ordinary balloon. Palestinian terrorists attached burning flames to it. They turned a child’s toy into a weapon of terror. “We smelled a fire,” one preschooler shouted, standing between a sand pit and a red slide. And these beautiful children were nearly burned alive. Their brave teacher led the terrified children to safety just in time. Thankfully, their precious lives were spared. Now think about this. What does it say about the terrorists that run Gaza that they try to burn Israeli preschoolers alive? And so when you drop your son or daughter off at school today, I want you to hug them. Hug them especially tight. Tell them you love them. Tell them you’ll always protect them. Then call up another mother or father and tell them this story. This is what Israel defends itself against every single day.


  1. Yes, and tell them that your government will NOT protect you. Tell them there are no term limits in Israel and it’s the same old same old corrupt politicians thru and thru who are more concerned with what the BBC and NPR think than caring for and protecting your lives. Very sad life with no future.

    • Well said. Instead of carpet bombing Terrorist Gaza, they give messages for Israelis to hide. Where’s the responsibility of the government? Why do Israelis have to wait till they’re harmed instead of the government preempting the terrorists and strike them once and for all?

  2. And what about the destructive Baloons that the israeli secular government and its atheistic educational ministry sends to all the million plus jewish children in its public schools. Baloons that burn the soul of the children with teachings of atheism and toeiva of every kind. Raising children with ignorance of the jewish faith. Raising children to eat pork,sport tattoos,violate shabbos and have zero knowledge of Torah. What about those balloons. Balloons that destroy the souls of innocent children.

    • This year they’re becoming even more anti-Torah: No teaching about Moshe Rabbenu, Lag Be’omer, Asara Beteves, etc. and threatening to have guards standing in classrooms to make sure that such subjects will not be taught in government schools.

  3. you r so right!!!! i dont know y the frum media doesnt report this much. if there was more exposure wouldnt that help? more frum people would go out and fight the darkness….


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