Watch: Pickles, The Boy Who Wrote To The President, Granted His Wish Of Mowing The White House Lawn


A Virginia boy who wrote a letter a few months ago to mow the White House lawns for free had his wish fulfilled this morning,the president came out to greet him as he was mowing.




  1. Now the left will blame the President for childhood labor, failure to give him employment benefits, failure to hire union workers, EPA violations for mower exhaust fumes, and, the worst two offenses of all – preferentially giving the job to a white male!!

  2. Pickles with the mower. Trump with the style. I hope he runs over Trump’s hat.

    Too cheap to buy Borsalino is not a president to trust.


  3. I have lived in many places and not ever seen a white kids now lawns. Only Mexican. Back in the 80’s white did a little but now it is virtual mowing.

    • Tricky. When is the last time we sat in our beds scared by the candor of hate and serious dusagreement in American politics. I dare think Teddy wanted a wall.

      Maybe the president for the people will stop making all the citizens scared. Maybe FDR would be more the bright fit. Trump lazy hate is mental hate and lazy terror.

      Liberalism will not vacate the soul. Best.


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