Watch: Peleg Protestors Attack IDF Soldier On Rechov Rebbi Akiva in Bnei Brak After He Unleashes Tear Gas



  1. Please take this video down. I am begging you. This is not newsworthy, and definitely not something to be published. We don’t have enough kitrugim against us that we need to publicize Jews fighting other Jews. I see no reason to publicize this video. It pains me deeply to see these things. Please take it down. You are doing a diservice to klal Yisrael.

  2. They’re idiots

    While In the past there were far bigger, hotter demostrations
    there was however a quid pro quo
    Somethings were beyond the pale

  3. I’m against these demonstrations, but this was actually kind of funny. The soldier was caught completely off guard. Hey look, being a police officer has its risks like any other job. Before choosing a career as a police officer, they are clearly told what it entails. The police officer just caused pain to those he sprayed, so nu nu, a little payback is alright. He was fine. He walked away with his self esteem a little bruised. Nisht giferlach. He had his pork sandwich (Chuck Schumer recipe) later that night. Everything is fine.

    • You’re not seeing what caused the soldier to spray, guaranteed he was provoked. These hooligans are on the streets with the condoning of some rabbis. Shame on all of them. Shame on these primitive barbarians masquerading as Bnei Torah. Disgusting.

  4. These thugs are such trash. Blame falls on their parents and teachers. This is what they hear from them. They remind me of the thugs from Baltimore and St. Louis. For shame

  5. Matzav: The split pants in the top photo may be amusing to some, but you’re being mevayish the guy berabim. Please reconsider.

  6. I’m embarrassed to be associated with frum people who act like wild animals. Who tells them to do this? It’s not the yiddishkeit I know

  7. Since these fools most apparently have no seichel, whichever rabbinical authorities promote such behavior, it is they who should be questioned and charged.

  8. The guy deserved it and a lot more. He probably aint no tzaddik either by the way. im sure he hates hashem and the torah just like most secular israeli do.

  9. Obviously, most of the comments are coming from people that don’t really understand what’s going on there. I’m not condoning what happened ( although he sprayed pepper spray at people there, which if you watch the first second of the video he waves his hand in a victory sign – “he got those chareidim”. What’s he doing in bnei brak in middle of a anti giyus protest? He wasn’t looking for a chavrusa; he was looking for trouble and he found it. Besides, they’re protesting the govt’s decision to force yeshiva bachurim to enlist, nothing to do with chilonim). There are different shittos, and different understandings of what is the proper approach how to go about dealing with the army situation, but to say as a blanket statement they’re all wrong, you clearly don’t know what’s going on there. I assume most of the commentators would agree that if they forced giyus banos, that these protests would be warranted. If you disagree then we takke don’t have any common ground. I’m working with the assumption that there are certain red lines that cannot be passed and if they are, a believing Jew sometimes has a chiyuv to be moseir nefesh – see kovetz mamarim quoting the chofetz chaim regarding the chiyuv to fight against the communists, i.e. like the chashmonaim. I am not saying those red lines were passed here, but I am saying that there are serious rabbanim, who believe that even at this point there is a chiyuv to be moche. Of course many great rabbanim disagree, but at least that’s the point of contention here. It’s not about a bunch of bored teenagers looking for action. Is it possible, or even likely that some of the protesters are not doing this l’sheim Shamayim? Obviously. Does that mean that the effort is pasul? Of course not.
    And yes, I wholeheartedly agree that it’s terribly unfortunate such a video has to go public, as the vast majority of the people viewing it, will see nothing other than a frum looking boy striking an Israeli soldier and draw the simplest (although not necessarily correct) conclusion.

    • Thank you for your comment. A true voice of reason. I’m just shocked that they let it through on this site.

      I just wonder if the editors of this site are aware why Rav Schach had to open a newspaper while in his 90’s….. I don’t think that it was to try and force one view down people’s throats; it was because the other paper insisted on only publishing one view, without allowing a rebuttal by Rav Schach. It was because the other paper insisted on sharing a view from their leader and his allies, to the exception of all others.

  10. Did anyone notice how at the end of the video someone pushed the guy who was tear gassed down and then starting screaming”ambulance hatzola”????!!!! It’s all a fake!! It’s an embarrassment to all of klal Yisroel and a huge unjustifiable chilul Hashem.

  11. A soldier has no authority to act in the street he is not a police officer funny you write they attach him instead of saying he attacks them sounds like CNN Jew attacks palistenian after he stabbed him

  12. There are two sides to this story. There is video uncovered of the chayal starting up. These chayalim that march through chareidi communities usually do it as an instigation.

  13. while i am not a supporter of this violence please note the kind of victory dance that the soldier makes after heartening someone (rightfully or not)

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