Watch: Patrick Little, Running For Election In California, Ranting Against ‘The Zionists’




  1. This kook is really far out. He is clearly a certified nut-case and should get help before he hurts himself.

  2. egyptian “arabs”… the guy is an “am horetz” the Egyptian’s would be appalled to be called an Arab.

    now lets comment on his zionist theme. There are small z zionists – return to yerushalayim and capital Z Zionists – government party, no different than democratic or republican party which he is a member of, therefore, he’s just a blow hard who read a story or two about Israel and misses the larger picture

    why do I support the capital Z Zionists? Because they tell me as a Yid, they will protect me the best they can from idiots like this and those in the middle east who continue to try to kill me for one reason, I AM A JEW.

    old story, the question was asked, why do you Jew’s ask us goyim, when we say Tehillim, to praise the G-d of the Jews’? response… because ONLY YOU know how many times Hakodesh Barachu stopped you from harming us, BH

    Am Chai Yisrael

  3. stam ah meshugener…
    He has TOO MUCH TIME on his hand…
    He should get a REAL job to keep himself occupied…

  4. whos this behaima gasa he should get his facts correct. The Palestinians are the ones causing genocide no tto mention what’s going on in Seria. lets hope this fool doesn’t get elected.

  5. Typical Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. I’m sure that he, similiar to a specific poster on Matzav, uses Infowars as his source for “real news”. I’m sure he believes the Mossad and Zionists were behind 9/11, they were behind the Las Vegas shooting and all the other “false flag” operations. I’m sure he believes vaccines are a Jewish plot to brainwash the world. I’m sure he also believes in UFOs. Let’s just stop giving this guy attention.

    • IDK why this frum, Jewish site allows those and other clearly inappropriate posts, but it does. Since this isn’t our site, our choices are limited to:
      1) Ignoring the troll(s)
      2) Arguing with / refuting them
      3) Mocking them
      4) Not reading comments
      5) No longer visiting this site

      The choice is yours.

  6. Its good to ge ta little wake up call that in the country where so many of us conisder it to be our home, there are these vile rats lurking around reminding us that this is not our home

  7. Okay lol this is the end of his career… he can kiss those numbers goodbye..
    Also the shades are clearly a way of masking the fact that he’d been crying when they kicked him out. What a loser 🙂

  8. What a foolish person, naiveness of a 3 year old. It’s really a shame he looks to end his career at such a young age. May his funeral come speedily in our days

  9. So he has nothing on them since 1967, and a koo-koo conspiracy of 9/11. To me that is proof that there is no “dort” on Israel, less than 50 years old.

  10. The poll showing him with 18% support was bs because it only had 2 Republican choices him and a perennial candidate so anyone who wasn’t a Democrat said they supported the only Republican choice


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