Watch: Paterson: Obama Refused Rubashkin Release




  1. Not surprising because megalgelin zechus al ydei zakai – Hashem selects good people for anything good He is planning to do. Obama certainly doesn’t fall in this category but Trump certainly has the merit.

  2. Yes Trump has the merit as he saved a little three year old boy in 1988 by giving his private jet to fly the boy with all his medical equipment from Los Angeles to ny for an operation while all the commercial airlines denied the child’s flight.

  3. I blame that wife of Obama. Barack was held back from advancing in life because of her selfishness. She is a taker. She is a gold digger. She NEVER gave ANYTHING to anyone to help their lives get better! It is always, how can SHE have more pleasure in life. She is a total ingrate. Who can forget how she complained when her husband reached the highest office in the land, claiming, SHE was never proud of this Country untill HER husband became President! What a lowlife ingrate! She is the epitome or selfish!

  4. Nowhere in that audio clip does Paterson say Obama refused release. he said he took it to Obama. He later said that Trump did it, but Obama didn’t, not that Obama refused. Misleading headline


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