NY Drivers Beware: State Police To Crack Down During Speed Week


State police in New York will be cracking down on speeding and aggressive driving over the next week.

“Speeding by all vehicle types, as well as other traffic violations, will be heavily enforced throughout the week, in additional to normal year-round enforcement,” a statement Wednesday from state police Troop G headquarters in Latham said.

During a similar campaign last August, troopers said 21,600 tickets were issued statewide, including 10,500 for speeding. Drivers should be extra aware throughout the campaign, which ends Tuesday. Read more here.




  1. Another way for the State to enrich itself on the backs of hard working taxpayers. When will the corruption end? pheh.

    • This only works if the driver is chanting “Smokey Begone” at a frequency of one time per minute for each MPH the car is travelling over the speed limit while simultaneously waving a donut and thinking of coffee.
      (Seriously, where does this stuff get dug up from?)


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