WATCH: Ocean County Community Horrified Over Homeowner’s Graphic Halloween Display.




  1. lighten up people…..

    Lehavdil – think of purim…..

    for a moment to be thoughtful to others,, I can feel the horror of that guys
    brother that got killed by a drunk driver.
    we need to be open minded and accepting of others.

    Very creative lots of work went into it,

    be safe out there,

  2. This is the era of taking things totally out of context and making issues out of non issues, thus taking away freedoms and liberties. The purpose of this, of course, is to divert attention away from real issues, to make these things be the violations in order that we allow every toaiva in the world to go uncriticized.

  3. Ich mein we hang Haman effigies with some that even have all of his ten sons and expect the oilam at large to think we are sane so all the power to `em


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