Watch: Ocasio-Cortez Faces Heat For Amazon Canceling NYC Plan


Some Democrats are criticizing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her role in Amazon’s decision to cancel plans for a huge investment in New York; Doug McKelway reports.



  1. This is the winning argument for Rrump’s re election. Do you want to vote in people that want to destroy the prosperity and any potential of prosperity in America? If you do please vote Demoratic.

  2. The Mayor of NY said it perfectly, “There was a clear path forward. Put simply: If you don’t like a small but vocal group of New Yorkers questioning your company’s intentions or integrity, prove them wrong.

    Instead, Amazon proved them right. Just two hours after a meeting with residents and community leaders to move the project forward, the company abruptly canceled it all.”

  3. Go out and vote!!!!! Only a minimal amount of people vote in most elections leaving us at this juncture with this crap literally destroying the country!!!!!’


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