Watch: Obama Surprises A Crying Joe Biden With Medal Of Freedom


This afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction by outgoing President Barack Obama in a surprise send-off ceremony. While listing the vice president’s many accomplishments and contributions to the country—at one point calling him the “greatest” veep in U.S. history—Biden became lost for words and cried.




  1. Well, he certainly deserves a medal for going away, while the rest of us deserve freedom from him and his boss. The “presidential” part, though, is strange, as neither of them are anything close to that term.
    So, now that both boys got their trinkets, they can smile, hug one another, and fade away.

  2. Whoever heard him describe Biden as the “greatest VP” ever, also cried, from laughter and disbelief.
    This isn’t the Medal of Freedom, it’s The Free Medal.

  3. The boys are giving themselves awards. Why not declare themselves saints, while at it.
    Pathetically childish and childishly pathetic.

  4. Great Leadership,

    First Obama cried yesterday and today Biden….
    This is the kind of strength and leadership any fool wants….

    Good going guys, maybe tomorrow the wives can cry !!

    • No sheichus. Uncle Joe is a very arrogant Democrat bully. Why didn’t he run for President the way almost all VP’s do? Why did he step aside in order to let Hillary be coronated? Why does he constantly attack and degrade all Republicans? Why does he have to come on to name calling and character assassination whenever he talks about Republicans? Uncle Joe is an idiot and he should get out of our lives. Nobody cares about bullies. To bad on him.


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