Watch: Obama Eating Crow Over Trump Carrier Deal?


President Barack Obama once mocked Donald Trump for vowing to keep Carrier jobs in the US. Who’s laughing now?




  1. What an idiot liberal to show you in your face to things can be done and they criticize that he supposedly gave them money what money did you give them a break that the money would’ve been gone if he hadn’t given it

  2. Every failure of the Liberals is blamed on somebody else and every accomplishment of a conservative and his explained away as a failure time to grow up liberals

  3. Trump bribed United Technologies(the owner) with tax breaks and they are a huge defense contractor too boot, for just half of jobs.

  4. Hey Steve I got news if the leave they ain’t gonna pay any taxes u liberals have any brains when you tax ppl to death they leave they don’t make business in order to help the government

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