Watch: NY Man Escapes From A Towing As Crowd Taunts Traffic Cop


The video going around social shows a man escaping with his vehicle as it’s about to get towed.

The incident took place in Boro Park on Thursday where a NYPD Traffic agent ticketed the man’s minivan vehicle for parking too close to a fire hydrant. The officer then began the process of towing the vehicle but the car’s owner shows up and successfully drives off.

After the man drove off, a crowd which began to gather at the scene and harass  the officer, telling him he should work at Harlem and that the footage, which they claimed would depict the cop in the wrong, would go on YouTube.

“This is my place, this is not your place,” one man yelled.

“What a loser, what a loser,” screamed another.

A request to the NYPD for comment has not been responded to.



  1. Very Sad! This is not the way I would want my children to behave. I don’t care if he was falsely ticketed and towed. But WE don’t behave like that! We are always to be mentchen! Don’t do anything that is not a kiddish hashem. The way the people yelled at him after the guy got away is BUSHA!!!

  2. To all those who are saying chilul Hashem perhaps on retrospect they shouldnt be talking like that
    But everyday cars are towed and there is no commotion. In this case the traffic cop was doing overkill there was no reason this car had to be towed. You can clearly see the car was over 10 feet from the pump. Give the ticket why the tow? Some of these agents are like vultures waiting for prey.

  3. a few points;
    when the punishment does NOT fit the crime – a $ 115 ticket is bad enough TOWING is way overkill and therefore i cannot defend the traffic agent although he is doing his job.
    yidden have arvus and thats why we care so much about each other to help .
    no reason to call him loser
    but a chillul hashem I DONT SEE THAT and i consider myself sensitive to that . any goy watching this on youtube doesnt think anything i asked 3 of my truck drivers today who are all nonjews they said ” cool you guys look out for each other …
    as far as the agent he gets this all day you do a nasty & dirty job you signed up for this

  4. Kiddish Hashem!!!!
    These lowlives have NO RIGHT to steal someone’s CAR!!!! Period!!!

    Yes, its called stealing!!!!!

    Nice click bait. Don’t you hate when Yiddish sites become like the liberal goyim? Using Hashems name in vain to get some click baits!!!!


  5. If you see the video it shows he was parked next to a pump and should have been towed –

    This is not how a true Jew should act

    No excuses don’t park illegally and think you are above the law. H

    Huge chilul Hashem

    Maybe he should learn mussar.

  6. Based on the video you’ve shown, I don’t see anything wrong at all with what the van owner did. I would do exactly the same. What did you expect? He should lie down like a sheep going to slaughter? The lowlife pigs that work for the city ticketing and towing departments are worthless scoundrels that should be arrested and stripped of their TAXPAYER funded salary!!! Btw, if this happened in Harlem or the Bronx or any other minority community, this towing guy would of gotten a lot worse reaction. Probably would of ended up in the hospital. Not condoning it. Just stating the facts. For all those defending the rifraf drek giving these tickets/towing, YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T LIVE IN BROOKLYN AND DON’T DRIVE HERE. Whatever few precious parking spots we had, the gotcha City is taking away from us for some stupid bus lanes. They are making an already impossible parking situation even worse. Good for the Chasid defending his property.

  7. I didn’t hear anyone screaming any of the alleged comments other than putting this on You Tube.

    Is there something wrong someone driving off before their car is towed and saving the ticket happy fine happy cop a tow?

  8. Rodfim.
    Yidden who don`t allow the the NYPD to do their job properly put countless lives at stake
    Hurray! We are not Harlem! What a milestone. Sounds like they have set big goals for themselves

  9. Maybe there were outstanding tickets on the van as well? The bottom line is if you dont like the policy of the City, move out. Nobody is forcing you to live in that jungle. But there is no excuse for bad behaviour. If there is no parking and no quality of life, why are you all living there?

  10. The only thing that’s horrible here is the anti Jewish comments about their own people.
    Wishing bad upon another Jew ,wishing their car was towed???
    Whoever bashed this guy should have this happen to them with their car towed and we’ll then see how quick they’ll be to write comments like these in the future.

  11. With all due respect,

    “This is my place, this is not your place,” one man yelled. Sorry man, but, This Is NOT!!!! Your Place! You are in Golus and your Chilul Hashem is uncalled for.

    “What a loser, what a loser,” screamed another. The biggest loser of all is YOU!! For causing a chilul Hashem with such profanity.

    This video is a Busha for the jewish community in New York.
    Next time a cop stops you… just remember this story with jewish lowlifes. There’s a more decent way to deal with this situation than harassing a cop on his job. Whether he was right or wrong, causing a chilul Hashem and yelling disgusting language, worse than their own people is uncalled for and will only put us in bad light and bad communication.

  12. Glad he got freed. Great others helped him too! There was no reason though to talk like unrefined animals do. We are better.

  13. The “goyim” DO know about it. This shameful incident was reported in the New York Daily News: Way to behave, frum Jews. I know some of you are critical, but many others feel entitled. Clearly the people attacking the man who was DOING HIS JOB felt entitled to hurl insults at him. I wonder how this man, his family, and all the “goyim” who read about this incident are going to feel about religious Jews now? You brought it on yourselves. And really, can you please STOP referring to non-Jews as “goyim.” It’s insulting. You know it is. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  14. And what about fellow Yidden calling their brothers and sisters who did extensive research and decided NOT to vaccinate their children, all kinds of nasty names and curses???! For anti vaxxers, one is allowed to act like a goy and call them the most abusive insulting names, but for that nobody cares. For this story, everyone is up in arms aboht name calling. HYPOCRITES!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU PHONYS!!!

  15. glad he got away from being towed
    but the yelling and comments are uncalled for
    to the guy who said this is our place
    your grandparents and great grandparents said the same in hungary
    my father ah used to tell me that the hungarian goyim would say to the jews
    “remember you own the buildings -but we own the land”

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