Watch: NY 48th District Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein Speaks in Albany on Holocaust Memorial Day



  1. I thought that he would use this opportunity to say his opinion on the horrible legislation that allows women to abort their babies up until they are born. This is a holocaust for this generation. A murderous law that is worse then Paroh in Egypt who only declared on the boys, this law is for both boys and girls! Absolutely murder! And for what reason? For someone who had a difficult time getting pregnant it horrifies me no end!

  2. For such a speech we need a Hasidic assemblyman? Such a speech could have been given by a non Orthodox or unaffiliated Jew, or ADL or Bnai Brith director.

    Such matters need to be viewed with Torah eyes, with השקפת התורה and דעת תורה. That is the long standing position of traditional Torah Jewry.

    We need to look to הקב”ה to protect us, not to an ultra liberal, secular legislature.

    That outlook should be reflected in statements coming from our camp.

  3. “Hon. Simcha Eichenstein” (words on screen during speech) –

    It says in the posuk in sefer Shmuel that Hashem says כי מכבדי אכבד – those who honor me I will honor.

    Chazal say אין כבוד אלא תורה.

    Time will tell if a person is honorable or not, based on their behavior, etc.

    Politics and honor don’t always go together.

  4. Simcha, why aren’t you shouting about the retzicha taking place in Albany? Passing laws to make NY become a Sedom! YOU are allowing another holocaust with your silence. Pheh!


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