Watch: NRA Spokesperson: Many In Media Love Mass Shootings


NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch told an audience at CPAC that many in the media love mass shootings.




  1. Hilarious watching these rabid shills rant tgir lunacy. Sure, everyone loves mass shootings almost as much as the NRA cronies love shooting things up. As with everything it all boils down to money. The gun sale business is a huge one and they don’t want anyone messing around with it. All this 2nd amendment stuff is window dressing.

    • Statistically, legal gun owners are the most law-abiding demographic in the US, 4 times less likely to commit a violent crime than cops. So actually, you are safer around “NRA cronies” than cops.

  2. It’s amazing how biased and corrupt CNN is. Poor old Wolfy had to let the black anchor rant on and on with her unintelligible stupidity without interrupting her because he’s petrified of being called a R A C I S T by upper management. How can any normal person ever watch that network?

  3. Of course the media loves mass shootings. They have weeks of through-the-roof ratings after every shooting. They show up and shove cameras in the faces of these kids who just been through crazy traumata. If they really cared, they would leave the kids alone at least for a few days.


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