WATCH NOW: Shulem Lemmer Sings G-d Bless America at Mets-Nationals Game at Citi Field in Queens, NY



  1. sgulem made his life choices. Not conventional choices or choices that matches his community’s hashkafa. Now, with all due respect, matzav, why do you have to give him so much attention for being “ out there “? He does not cater to your readership at all…

    • I don’t know who Shulem is, never heard of him, but watching this video warmed me, and I felt it was a huge Kiddush Hashem. His voice is perfection, he was respectful and professional.
      If not for anonymous spreading Loshon Harah, I would have totally enjoyed it to the end.
      If he doesn’t cater to you, find a different caterer – no need to spew…

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