Watch: Niggun That Inspired “Hava Nagila” Sung At Viznitz Chasuna





  1. From the interwebs:
    Hava Nagila began its life as a Hasidic melody in Eastern Europe. There the tune was sung as a nigun (wordless melody) among the Sadigorer Hasidim, who took their name from the small town of Sadigora in Bukovina (present-day Ukraine), where the Rizhiner Rebbe, Reb Yisroel Friedman (1798-1850) had settled from Russia and established his court in 1845.

  2. I believe it was originally a Chortkevor niggun. I have a recording an alter Yid made of Nigunei Chortkov, and this was one of them.

  3. Anonymous has his information a litte incorect. Could be it was sung in Sadigorer but this nigun was from the original Belzer Hakufa nigunim as far back as maybe even the first Belzer Ruv Z”L. years later after the non religous zionists aded the lyrics hava nagila and started to sing it, the chasidisher velt stoped using it. The last couple of years a few Chasidisher Courts started to bring it back. Sorry “WORLD GONE MAD” BUT BEFORE YOU POST, CHECK YOUR INFORMATION FIRST.


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