Watch: News Station Covers The Williamsburg Measles Crisis



  1. How could she say she is OK with her kids getting measles. She doesnt have a clue.
    I lost a little brother in law from the measles. My wife and her family have never got over it properly.
    My son who could not be vaccinated (for a genuine health risk related to an older brother) also had measles. He was so ill my wife and I nursed him for days whilst he was as good as comatose. In fact when he awoke he gave us regards from his Bubba he had met. (she had been niftar for years!)
    BH he recovered.
    I would say she is guilty of child abuse not just plain ignorance.

    • At what age did your “little” brother-in-law get the measles? Doctors and nurses before the vaccination appeared on the market never came across children who died.

      Could you imagine how parents feel with a healthy child turned autistic? Soooo many got injured from the vaccine.

      • He was about 10 years old. It is not proven that the children got injured or died from the vaccine. It is proven that people died from the measles.

        • It sounds like he got the measles after vaccination. Generally children get it much younger when it’s basically safe.

          It’s not proven in Fake News because they have an agenda… It has been WELL proven all over Real Media, including several whistle-blowers, that children can get autism, become brain damage, etc. from vaccine.

        • amazing how blinded and insensitive these anti vaxxers are.. They are literally going to deny the cause of your bil death so they stick to their einredinish..

    • 4 question to as your MD
      1. How many hours did you learn about vaccines ?
      2. Do you know of a single vaccine, that was tested against a REAL placebo ?
      3. Are you or the manufacturer liable for vax injury ?
      4. Can I see how much you earn on fully vaxed kids vs non vaxed kids?

  2. If the majority of them are children, that’s fantastic news with smart parents. CHILDREN are NOT IN DANGER. Children had the measles, a MILD CHILDHOOD disease, which did NOT cause death nor brain damage before the DANGEROUS vaccinations came out.

    It’s the ADULTS who were injected with these dangerous vaccination who are in danger if they are exposed to measles. Which is why they’re up in arms. If vaccines are so good, why are they so worried? They’re proving to the world that vaccines are ineffective after 2-3 years. Religious Jews with brains in their heads cannot be fooled.

    They can explain from today to tomorrow that vaccines are not dangerous but the facts prove otherwise. Studies have shown that it’s the vaccination that cause brain damage and death. Whom are they fooling?There are sadly quite a number of children who became autistic after the vaccination. I personally know a few; neb
    ech on them and on the parents.

  3. (00.45) “I have my rabbi backing me” sure hide behind the only rabbi that is an ani-vaxxer (aka. pro-disease)
    At the same time make an amazing Chillul Hashem.
    If you are a pro-disease kind of person why do you need the whole world to know?
    Just stay in your house with your diseases and keep away from the public.
    Also, there is no connection to Judaism of vaccinations in the religion.
    Can someone explain what the lady at 00.28 in the video means by saying “how can you take away my religious beliefs”?

    • Perhaps it’s guys like you making a chillul Hashem for allowing yourself to be fooled by Big Pharma when Jews should have more brains than that and not doing proper research? No, you have not done any research besides asking your doctor. And that’s not research. These women did the research and are preventing their children from becoming zombies.

  4. This is embarasing, a disgrace, and a chilul Hashem. If only people would understand the point of vaccinating-yes our healthy children-we do it for those that are sick, for those that have a low immune system..for the greater klal. We need the Agudah & Rabbanim to come out against all these sicko anti vaxxers

    • There are unfortunately more who’ve become autistic or brain dead than low immune system.
      If vaccinating is so healthy, what’s the point of vaccinating if they are still getting measles?

  5. Unbelievable! Women who live in a community where tznius is supposed to be important are out theee publicly to proclaim their evil anti-vaxxer philosophy which is contrary to Judaism and Halacha!

    • What an evil hateful accusation and put down!
      This lady was very tzniusdik and spoke with derech eretz. She did not use foul language. Is she not allowed to give her opinion when asked by a reporter? Is she supposed to just bend her head, pay the $1000.00 fine, and go quietly to the slaughterhouse? You obviously don’t live in Williamsburg and have zero sheichus with the wonderful Yidden that live there. I worked there for over 10 years and only have good things to say about them.
      You are a rasha!

    • Contrary to Judaism and Halacha??? Source: Homemade.
      FYI, many Gedolei Yisroel are against vaccination. I tried posting some names, but apparently it’s against the rules here… as it wouldn’t go through.

  6. I hope this goes to court.
    It will be an epic church-state plus forced medical shot battle.
    If the anti vaxers can get a grade A legal team they might be able to win

  7. To all the pediatricians still trolling my page, now that I’ve got your attention, listen closely. Heed my words.
    You should be FIGHTING LIKE HELL for the safety of our children from even the most remote possibility that vaccines aren’t as safe as they could be or aren’t as safe as we are being told.
    Instead of fighting for truth and safety, you’re fighting like rats for your piece of cheese.
    I have ZERO RESPECT for vaccine profiteers that are so financially biased, confirmation biased, indoctrinated, and willfully ignorant of the evidence that clearly shows vaccines cause injury, disease and REGRESSIVE AUTISM, that they aggressively lobby lawmakers to make vaccines mandatory, and deny parents the essential knowledge about the risks of toxic ingredients injected into their babies.
    Bought by big pharma, the caretakers of children’s health have become the perpetrators of harm rather than the protectors. They profit as our precious, perfect children are harmed and killed by vaccines filled with cheap preservatives, neurotoxic adjuvants, and human cellular material derived from aborted fetal cell lines.
    They are complicit accomplices in the murder-by-vaccine crimes that have made American infants THE MOST VACCINATED and THE MOST LIKELY TO DIE in the first year of life.
    America’s infant mortality rate, the highest rate in ALL developed nations, is a national tragedy. The epidemic of autism, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, ADHD, and pediatric cancers is far worse.
    The evidence is everywhere.
    Unbelievably, the epidemic of autism is rising exponentially. Today, ONE in 48 children in America suffer autism. At the present rate of increase, by 2032 ONE in TWO children AND 80% OF BOYS could be autistic.
    We can’t afford to sacrifice our children and the future of our nation to the ignorance and greed of pediatricians and their big pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturer masters demanding parents submit our children to an intolerably dangerous, untested, and unnecessary vaccine schedule of 72+ injections…and rising. There are over 200 vaccines in the pipeline.
    Every pediatrician, family practitioner, or vaccine profiteer that isn’t rising up against the corruption of the science of vaccines perpetrated by the CDC is betraying their oath to “first, do no harm.” They are on the wrong side of history.
    Too many have given up objectivity and reason and have simply become sales representatives for the vaccine manufacturers that have so easily bought and conditioned them to believe their lies.
    The blood of every vaccine injured or killed child is on the hands of every pediatrician that parroted lies like “vaccines do not cause autism” and “the science is settled.”
    The science isn’t settled, it’s corrupt.
    The vaccine industry will soon face the backlash as doctors, scientists, and parents across America become aware of your crimes, rise up to oppose your lies, and hold you accountable for the vaccine injury holocaust you’ve caused.
    The fraudulent deceit is coming to and end. We won’t allow it to continue.
    For me, uncovering the many layers of fraud and corruption that have allowed vaccines to harm so many children, is analogous to walking into an exam room in which a child is being abused by a doctor. I’m not about to look the other way and allow the abuse to continue.
    I would call the police, however, in my analogy the police are the CDC, and they are participating and enabling the abuse. Regardless, I won’t ignore the abuse and allow it to continue. I’m going to stop the abusers from harming the child, and I won’t be gentle about it.
    That’s how I see the travesty of the corruption of vaccines that is harming the children of America today. It’s obvious and I’m angry about my how so many of medical colleagues refuse to open the door,
    expose the abuse, and stop it.
    In closing, I beseech my colleagues to open your eyes, minds, and the evidence that for too long you’ve negligently denied.
    Confront the reality that you’ve been duped, controlled, and indoctrinated.
    Free yourselves from the indoctrination. Stand with me.
    Demand scientific transparency, integrity, and reform of the vaccine industry.
    Join me in this fight to protect children and get yourselves on the right side of history.
    Together we must STOP the abuse.
    Jim Meehan, MD

    • one doctor. what about all the practicing doctors that endorse vaccines. they are conveniently ignored by folks such as yourself. but nice try with the copy paste. oh and btw nobody reads walls of text.

      • He’s a crank and a quack who is despised by other doctors and has been thoroughly debunked. Google his name and see for yourself.

        Of course the trolls and hoaxers will start with “Can’t trust Google, Bing, CNN, Fox, Snopes, ABC, NBC, the government, MSM, etc.” Nope, trust only “Real News”, aka the hoaxers’ own lies.

          • Only someone that didn’t do research would be impressed when reading that article. Those that did have a rebuttal for every single claim. Once you hear from the whistle blowers mouth his side of the story then you begin to see a different picture and then you research more and you learn that all the research they talk about are doctored. The research we want is compare the overall health of vaccinated and unvaccinated which group has more autism autoimmune diseases SIDS asthma and leukemia extreme allergies and they don’t want to publish this study because the others that did know that it will not come out in pharmacy favor. There’s lots more to say but if you don’t want to do the research yourself it means that you are not ready to listen yet. So all we are asking is for choice. If you are vaccinated then you shouldn’t supposedly have to worry about unvaccinated. And it is not Jewish to sacrifice my life for someone else’s. If 2 are in a desert with one cup of water one is not obligated to share. According to the Torah ones life comes first under such circumstances where it’s either save your life or another’s. Whatever you decide may hash keep us all healthy. no matter the topic it should never cause sinas chinum. Understand that you don’t know what knowledge other people have.

  8. I would like to add to my post before. I accept there may be an argument against vaccination. People are scared about autism and even though there are many more people who approve of the vaccine than dont and even amongst Daas Torah it seems to be the Roiv is for vaccine, that however is not my point.
    I am “outraged” when I hear part of the argument is “its only measles” ” they will get over it”. Or some compare it to chicken pox. This is plain wrong. Measles is a potential killer and even if not the person can be very ill. Chicken pox is not as bad, not even close!!
    If you are going argue against vaccination at least do it honestly!! And please remember that it is not just your kids that are at risk as has been seen.

    • Outraged:
      I wondered if the anti-vaxx trolls and loons would at least have the decency not to post their garbage in response to someone who suffered a tragic personal loss.
      Silly me – of course they don’t.

    • It’s not only about autism and other injuries.

      Re: “And please remember that it is not just your kids that are at risk as has been seen.”
      Can you explain why people who got the vaccinations can still get measles? Why should anyone endanger their child with risky vaccinations that can be extremely fatal – as has been proven – when it’s not even for lifetime? And if you’ll say it is for lifetime, why do you care if others don’t vaccinate? You’re protected, aren’t you? This question was posed many times, but not one vaxxer came forth with an answer.

      The reason why the majority is for vaccine is because they trust their doctors blindly (and foolishly). I know a family whose first child became autistic after vaccination. Then the 2nd child became autistic after vaccination and then the third. Hashem yerachem! This is what happens when parents don’t use their brains.

      • The stories I live with were both not vaccinated the first was before vaccination was popular or even available. (seventies) the second. as i wrote, because my older son had a medical issue so my next child was prevented from having the vaccination.
        I feel really bad for the family you quote but it may have been linked to the vaccine or not. “After” doesn’t necessarily mean “caused by”. otoh it could be!
        That has never been my point. My point is only that when people use the argument that measles is in any case just a childhood illness that people recover from like chicken pox, i find that wrong. It isnt. Either!

  9. so guess what? they won’t report that they have measles! Then 2 months later, take titers to prove they are immune.

    Not a bad idea…

  10. “my religious beliefs” lol… Am Haaratzes at its peak.. This is what a community without real Limudei Kodesh Education looks like.

  11. Autism is VERY HIGH in the Chassidic community BECAUSE THEY MARRY COUSINS WHO WERE THEMSELVES BORN FROM COUSINS!! This will bring out many “defects”. Which you don’t have to Google to know the truth. Just “Puk Chazi” and see for yourselves. Blaming it on vax’s is a way of reconciling the outcome with the fact that their rebbeles however blessed the zivug, so it can’t be the source of the autism problem.

  12. The wakefeild story that someone gave a link about is one side of story. Did you listen to what wakefeild had to say? BTW many have researched and linked autism to vaccines. Andrew was just used as an example to scare off others so that pharma should be able to show you their doctored science papers and you should fall for it
    Propaganda works
    Just like Hitler was able to implement his despicable plans with propaganda. Thank god that some righteous gentiles didn’t fall for it and thank god that some smart people are currently fighting for the right to decide what we want to put into our bodies unlike what Dr. Mengele wanted.


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