Watch New Segula: R’ Yeshaya’le Replaces Car Registration




  1. It is known that the goyim have icons of their saints for all sort of protection, with many specifically associated with professions, causes, life events….. Such is the nature of their particular avodah zorah.
    I always thought that the Yidden are far more intelligent than that. Go figure.
    I wonder if one could also use such a photo to pay his fine, instead of Ben Franklin?
    P.S. maybe study a sefer of his; that way one actually earns a connection with a tzadik, but a photo?

  2. govement sent me a pictyur of me go tru red lite. Tell me pay hunred an fity daller. I sent bek to govement pictyur of one hunred daller bil and pictyur of fity daler bill. Hahahahaha
    day sent me pictyur of hand cufs. not so funy.

  3. And if you are the Baal Shem Tov even a broom can shoot like a gun BUT
    for all others following the civic laws is the right thing to do


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