Watch: Neturei Karta Make Their Way To Lakewood For Purim 5778



  1. why do you people insist on giving these loony subhuman a forum? Then you give your misleading title they make their way to Lakewood, one idiot, and you still give them what they want.
    You are playing right i9nto their hands! unless maybe you guys are with them, that’s the only reason I can see for you to do this. Let me see you have some guts and print the comment, you never do, and that’s why i believe that you are with them.

    • For those who don’t understand what the guy says in Yiddish, and don’t notice the other signs that the guy is an NK impersonator, let me clarify for them that he is actually a comedy act.

  2. somehow these posskoodnyaks think that by encouraging terrorists to kill as many yidden as possible chas v’sholom, will encourage the rest of us to do ‘teshuva’. huh? what scares me the most is the publicity you give them. does anyone think they are authentic representatives of klal yisroel?

  3. Don’t these people who are so up in arms realize this is a joke? This is Binyomin Miller. He does these humorous videos for Oorah, among other organizations.

  4. HELLOOOOO he’s just dressed up and acting, its a regular Litvishe kollel yungerman who happens to be very funny also

  5. This is disgraceful! How dare someone disguise himself as one of these low lives? He’s one of them deep down if you ask me.

    • It can’t be. Binyamin is as litvish as they come.
      Oh my God. Can’t you bitter people take a joke? Are you ever allowed to laugh?

      • is he Yeshivish or Litvish? there is a difference!
        if you come from Germany but are a yeshivamann they are a Yeshivishe Yekke. same for Yeshivishe galzitinars and Hungarians etc.
        if they hail from Lita they are litvish!


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