Watch: Netanyahu Opens Up About His History With America


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses his unique relationship with President Trump and his time learning and working in the United States on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’




  1. It is good that there is a relationship, but Israel cannot be a Banana Republic, saying what ever America says Israel does. Israel is a sovereign nation and has to watch out for its own existence also, for all these peace plans that is going around may not be for the good of Israel, for you have to remember Israel’s peace plans usually ends with Israel again has to give up a piece or more power. I keep asking when will the real Israel stand up.

    • Israel’s leadership is too weak to be a sovereign nation. They need President Trump to put them on their feet or better yet, Moshiach.

  2. Torah guy? Nope. Levin takes the grip on our preamble.

    The white supremacist is likely still a white supremacist. Jewish feeling? Just milk and sunny. The honey of Israel is missed.

    America still dangerous. Cute Fox show titles. Write a black bible blacker.


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