Watch: ‘Neshama’ Performed By Shea Berko, Meshorerim Choir and A Berko Productions


Enjoy this new video of a performance by the Meshorerim Choir in collaboration with singer Shea Berko and A Berko Productions.

‘Neshomo’ is a heartwarming Yiddish song composed by Shimshi Neiman and recently released by Shloime Gertner.

Music Arranged by: Avrumy Berko
Choir arranged by: Aba Berkowitz

Saxophone: Ron Bertolet
Trumpet: Justin Mullens
Trombone: Daniel Flam
Guitar: Eli Lax
Live Sound: Lipa Meisels/Super Sound Studios

Mixed by: Avrumy Berko
Video by: Ben Hesh Studios


  1. I don’t get this song….. Why blame the neshama? Where is the neshama? It’s here!!! It’s in you!!! Go find it…. It fills your entire being… Kedusha wasn’t made to look for us, but for us to look for it…


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