Watch: Neilas Hachag In Satmar Kiryas Joel – 2017/5778




    • Satmar b’zman hazeh is a far-cry from the the true Satmar of Reb Yoel, zt”l.

      Both the Williamsburg and the Kiryas Yoel sects create massive Chillul HaShem throughout the year. Neither of their “Grand Rabbis” could carry Reb Yoel’s weekday shoes.

      What a tragedy – a great dynasty coming to an end.

      • Yes that is 100 % true, none of them come to the level of Reb Yoel, neither did the Beirach Moshe, but someone had to continue the Satmar movement, yes they do make a lot of Chilul Hashem especially in Manhattan with their Stupid Moronic protests that don’t do or accomplish a darn thing, fry ppl in Manhattan will never understand the shalosh shvous or the concept about frum yidden not going into the Isreali army, they just make themselves look like bigger fools & Major Morons, they aren’t gona win & it’s just a waste of time that these Bachurim could be shtyging in learning, instead they look like a bunch of Clowns & Losers with those Moronic signs, it’s time for them to get a life & stop this nonsense.

  1. The Satmar Rebbe Reb Ahron wasn’t in KY (Kiryas Yoel) for 2nd days Y”T (Yom Tov) he was in Wb (Williamsburg) Bklyn, & most of KY ppl went with him so yes the title is partially correct it was the KY Satmar Rebbe with mostly KY ppl, but this as well as the Hakofos & Shabbos Breishis was all in Bklyn not in KY, ty


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