Watch: Near Miss On Dark Lakewood Street


From a reader:

As I was driving last night, I witnessed a near horrific incident, as seen in the video below. Boruch Hashem, the two children walked away safely. I don’t want to think of what could have chas veshalom happened. I know this was the driver’s fault (it’s petrifying how a man, someone who probably has children of his own, didn’t even stop to see if the kids he just hit were okay). Parents need to make sure their kids are wearing reflectors when they are out past dark.




  1. No, it was not totally the drivers fault. I’ve come pretty close to hitting these people as well. They are dressed in completely black, WITH NO REFLECTORS!!! How can someone in the dark, with poor street lighting, see someone walking with a black rekel & black bibi hat/hamburg? It is the pedestrian that has to make sure he is seen by all drivers. Even when dressed with reflectors one should always make eye contact with the driver OR DON’T CROSS THE STREET, even though you have the right of way, by law. Do you want to be right or do you want to be DEAD right? Think about that.
    The only complaint here, is that the driver didn’t stop, after this near miss. Or maybe he did. You can’t determine that from this video.

  2. Oy!
    What is the fix?
    The streets are so wide and so dark!
    They ought have a green light gor just pedestrian crossing and still red for vehicular traffic!

  3. @watchyourself…
    One of them is a girl, and the other is a boy wearing a WHITE SHIRT. Highly visible in the dark. No excuse for the driver not seeing him.

    And your racist reference to “these people” with the black rekel etc. is completely out of line.

  4. I agree. Maybe driver is at fault by pedestrian is to blame! They should not be walking the streets without reflectors!!! Believe me driver was in total shock!

  5. I think its silly to argue whether the driver saw them or not because we have no way of knowing. However because the streets are dark in Lakewood there has do be driver caution and pedestrian caution. Even if you have the right of way to cross always assume that drivers can not see you.


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