Watch: NBC Reporter Gets Reality Checked By Pro-Trump Women Voters


These reporters are never expecting the support they find. They think everyone buys the propaganda they put out on a daily basis. The media hasn’t figured out that most people are on to them.




  1. Very good. There are still some decent people left in NYC. I love that first lady. She might be old but she us as tough as nails. Says it like it is.

  2. It seems that the only ones who’ll vote Democrat will be the Politicians, Mainstream Media staffers, Antifa and violent people, while the general public will vote for Trump. If so, how could the Democrats win anything? Remember Hillary’s 2016 election rallies that consisted of between 36 people and 1000? Apparently the stand towards Democrats hasn’t changed much.

  3. Hope the vote stays REPUBLICAN, with many Boro Park Democrat Yiddim moving to Staten Islsnd… the voice for social services may multiply with voices for Democratic candidates.


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