Watch: NBC Closes The Nightly News With The Kaddish


Cantor Azi Schwartz of the Park Avenue Synagogue recites the Jewish Kaddish as a tribute to the 11 victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.



  1. Kaddish was designed by Chazal to be said at certain times in Tefilla, with a Torah-observant Minyan of 10 Jewish men ages 13 or older, to elevate the Nishomos of Niftarim.

    It was NOT designed to be said on TV by the cantor of a synagogue, certainly not one that holds an annual dinner dance of mixed dancing of men and immodestly-dressed women and a mixed choir of boys and girls.

    If it’s said when it’s NOT supposed to be said, with the required people; it may actually be causing pain to the Niftarim.

  2. Even after these people were killed al kiddush Hashem did they have to use tzelem (crosses) wooden stands that are covered up with stars for their monuments?


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