Watch: Nancy Pelosi Says Voter Age Should Be Lowered To 16



  1. No issues as long as you cut off the voting privileges, driving privileges, and medical care at 65 and make life a fend for yourself afterward. Sorry Morah Nancy, but your playgroup, as with the Supreme Court, isn’t going to get to grow by this kind of addition.

  2. ‘cuz she wants all ILLEGAL IMMIGRANYS crossing from Mexico as children (and not allowed to be turned away) to vote in 2020 when they’ll pass for 16 years old

  3. Interesting question. On the one hand, 16-year-olds don’t necessarily have the knowledge or independent thinking skills necessary to make an informed, logical choice when voting. On the other hand, neither do many of the current voters, regardless of age.

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  5. Of course because she knows once they grow up a bit they will vote republican…

    But in truth she’s losing it…
    I seems like dome form of dementia


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