Watch: “Nafshi” and “Rachamana” Sung by Simcha Jacoby, Music by Duddy Jacoby


Simcha Jacoby sings two recent hartzige hits with Duddy Jacoby at a wedding at The Royalty House in Detroit.

The first song “Nafshi” is featured on Levy Falkowitz’ debut album “Achakeh Lo.”

The second song “Rachamona” is featured on Shmueli Ungar’s debut album “Shmueli 2.”

The songs were composed by Pinky Weber.


  1. People getting up and walking in and out of the main ballroom, drives me crazy. You can see on the left side of the video screen men walking in and out. Sit still in your seat like a mensch. What the kishke do you have to do that you keep walking around like that? Are you that important?! It is very distracting for the normal guests. I’ve had on numerous occasions when the person sitting next to me by a wedding, will get up and ask me to get for him/save a portion. I always say NO. If you want to guarantee that you get the main course, STAY IN YOUR SEAT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!! You already davened Maariv. You already went to the bathroom. You already called your wife. Why MUST you leave your seat?! It’s not fair to the caterer and waiters either. If you want to schmooze with your chaverim, do it during the dancing. Do it by the shmorgesboard. Do it while you’re waiting for the Chupa to start. But not during the meal time. Be considerate.

    • are you kidding? this is a chasuna!! Pple can come in and out as they please. the singer and the player know that. A chasuna isn’t and shudn’t be a concert.


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