Watch: Nadler Announces Sweeping Document Request In Trump Probe


House Democrats are expanding the Russia probe to investigate potential criminal actions by the president; Kevin Corke has the details from the White House.



  1. Disgraceful!
    That’s not why he was elected. He should be brought up on abuse of office! The American people pay taxes for the common interests of the American people – not idiots who deem themselves above the law.
    Curious! Can members of Congress and the Senate be impeached? I wish.

  2. So this is the Democrat game plan? This is how they plan to move the Country forward? This is how they will help the average taxpayer put bread and butter on their tables? Non stop attacks on the sitting POTUS?

  3. Disgraceful behavior by Jewish officials does us no good as a group. I wish they had more generic last names so as not to embarrass us.


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