Watch: Murderer Who Butchered Ori Ansbacher Being Remanded In Court


WATCH: Arafat Irfaiya from Chevron, who is accused of the brutal murder of Ori Ansbacher, was brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s court on Monday and was remanded on the charges of the murder and rape.

Ansbacher, whose body was found with multiple stab wounds in the forest on Thursday, was a 19-year-old Israeli girl from the town of Tekoa.

According to reports the murderer smirked and rolled his eyes in court when the charges were read.


  1. Want Justice?
    Put him in room with Ori Ansbacher’s A”H Family, and lock the door, After 10 minutes unlock the door, let the Ansbacher’s out, and have a janitor scrape the body parts off the floor , and toss them in the nearest garbage dump.

  2. The Ansbacher family are Yidden. They wouldn’t be able to be achzarim like him. Let justice run its course.

    • The Ansbachers are good people and not evil like you said. The only thing is that with muslims and evil you need to speak their language; their language is killing and terror.. Justice in the Israeli courts for crimes like these are Injust…

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