Watch: Mueller’s Russia Probe, 1 Year Later: Where’s The Evidence?


One year after Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his Russia collusion investigation, has any evidence surfaced that benefits Democrats?




  1. Well, if there’s no evidence, they will create evidence. They’re good at it the Democrat haters of President Trump and America. That’s what the dossier was supposed to be doing.

    • Mueller did! He accused the Trump Russian interference and indicted the Russian company Concord Catering that hadn’t even existed at that time.

  2. The evidence is in his bank account and his investments and how much he was paid to go on a fantasy trip. The more he delays it the more money he can get paid by the government, but after this what will be his future as an employee or a lawyer or what ever for who would trust him after all of this, no one really ethical or legal.

  3. Just wait. My kubby, Jeff Sessions, is going to reveal a lot of damming evidence against the sitting President that will result in a prison sentence. Just wait a little longer.


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