Watch: Mueller Investigation Criticized As ‘One-Sided’


Trump hammers Sessions over handling of the DOJ and the Mueller probe; reaction from Pam Bondi, Gregg Jarrett and Mark Penn on ‘Hannity.’



  1. Everyone knows it’s one-sided – even Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, ROSENSTEIN and Mueller himself. What’s the chiddush? As long as they make a gold mine, why shouldn’t they? And why should they bother investigating Hillary massive corruptions?

  2. Jeff Session is a little fly who hasn’t accomplished anything as AG. That’s mainly because he’s afraid of being suicided and secondly because he’s incompetent and is not made for this job.

  3. Fire sessions
    Replace him with gulliani
    Go after the devil Hillarey
    Put the democrats on the defensive
    Put in loyal fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews in your staff.
    Make a high rally every week showing Trumps massive supporters.
    Organize protests at liberals homes like Schumer and his gang.
    Meet with all the rebbes and rosh yeshivas along with all fundemantel religious Christian leaders. Black and white.

  4. Why should we, as taxpayers, pay a single penny of little Jeff’s salary?! If he is NOT doing his job, he should be fired immediately! If I don’t do my job, my boss would fire me.

    • Government officials living off of the fat of the land (taxpayer money) NEVER get fired. They are better than us. They are above the law. There are no term limits so they stay in their welfare state till their dying day.


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