Watch: Mother Throws Her Child Out of the House for Voting for Trump in School Elections



  1. What a sick abusive mother. This is obviously a set up to make a point, but what a sicko. This “Mother” should be locked up. She should move to Chicago and see what happens when bullets fly. There they have a Liberal Mayor who allows blacks to be slaughtered like sheep on the

  2. Since when is child abuse funny?
    He is obviously too young to vote but creating a video like this at the expence of a child is pathetic and shouldnt be publicized by bnei torah.

  3. What a lowlife mother. Why was she filming this? She thinks it will get her places by posting this garbage online? She thinks she will get an interview with the View & sit next to Joy Behar?

  4. I would fight to get this mother arrested! My heart skipped a beat.I would hang her upside down.I hope they get her..And please matzav show us her arrest.And please Dont hit us frum yidden with stuff like this.He is a child who cant vote…and even though this was filmed to prove a point (G-d knows what that is) we dont need to see such terror.
    I wanted to wring her neck.This is an innocent child that needs to be TAKEN OUT OF THAT HOUSE to prove a POINT TO HER TOO!!!!! What kind of mother or life can he have anyway. Hope someone adopts him. Then we wonder why we have people eager to pull the trigger out of anger.If I were him..I’d want to blow her brains out.
    Sick world.

  5. Was DYFS called??? She shouldn’t have kids in her custody! Pray tell what she does when they do some “kids infractions like spilling the milk!!

  6. the county sheriff investigated and found that the child is alright, and that the mother said it was a joke and apologized. Some joke. This is sick. All for her 15 minutes of fame?

  7. Poor Kid!!

    The poor mother needs help too

    This is hardly abnormal
    Very few of you were ever involved in the public school system

    Poor humanity

    • We are not stupid…we know it was in school. We can read. .and it was a boy…not a girl…and the mother is still out of her mind, regardless!

  8. Reply to Not Funny!
    But if a frum parent רח”ל did that you know the children will be removed from the house and the parent arrested! Iss only cuz she beez blaaack that such essplanashuz is acceptable!
    SHAMEFul act of a sick tyrant!
    NO wonder why they grow up to be thugs!

  9. Reply to Itzik: I agree with you 100%. It was no joke. The boy is just a child. He knows nothing about politics. There was a mock election in his classroom to teach about voting. He picked Trump because he saw Trump on TV. That’s a reason to throw a child out? That mother is abusive and sick. The boy and his brother should be removed from that home and placed with a loving family.

  10. I agree with Itzik and Not Funny. However the school is also stupid. If they did want to teach something about elections, maybe they should start with saying that ballot is secret and explain the reasons for that.


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