Watch: Michael Cohen And Rep. Jim Jordan Clash During Hearing


President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen and Rep. Jim Jordan spar over Cohen’s explanation of his bank fraud charges.



  1. Michael Cohen is such a two faced sleaze bag. He’s already been convicted and is going to prison and suddenly because he has bad stuff to say about President Trump, Cummings and the boys make this bum to be a saint and the most honest person in the last 200 years.

    • Wrong. You didn’t pay attention to Cummings’ opening remarks. He specifically pointed out that Cohen is a convicted liar and that must be kept in mind. But a lot of the “bad stuff” is backed up with documentation. For example in the Stormy Daniels stuff we already know that Trump admitted to having lied about the hush money. Trump has been caught making over eight thousand false or misleading statements so THAT needs to be taken into account as well. And that doesn’t even count his decades long documented history of cheating in business and cheating on all his wives.

      • So why wasn’t President Trump charged with any crimes? Why didn’t Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Frederica Wilson, or Jerrold Nadler charge the President with any crimes? When did the disgraced lawyer suddenly become a prosecutor? When did the convicted criminal become a judge? Is mudslinging revenge the best this bum can do?


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