Watch: Miami Chupah – “Tfilas Chupah & Od Yeshama” Aaron Teitelbaum Production


Members of the Miami Boys Choir singing at a wedding at the Rockleigh Country Club.

Accompanied by the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra conducted and arranged by Yisroel Lamm.

Choir members: (L-R) Dovid Torkieh, Elisha Cohen, Eliyahu Levy, Mark Rosenstock

יהי רצון מלפנך שתשרה שכינתך
בבית הזה לבנות בית בששון ושמחה
בית שישרו בו תמיד הגילה והרינה בית מלא קדושה וטהרה

אנה ה׳ זכה החתן והכלה לחיות באהבה ואחוה שלום ורעות
ותרבה ותעלה מעלה מעלה עד שנזכה לגאולה שלמה

It should be Your will before you
That your shechina should rest on this home
to build a house with rejoicing and happiness
A house where joy and singing will always preside
A house full of holiness and purity

Hashem, please make the חתן and כלה worthy
of living with love, unity, peace and friendship
And increase, and raise up higher and higher
until we are worthy of the final redemption

Songs composed & Directed by: Yerachmiel Begun
Live Sound: SolveTech
Sound engineer and live mix: Baba
Mixed by: Yaniv Balas
Event coordinators:Jay Kay/Joe B
Lighting: Brighter Events
Public Relations: Chad K
International Concierge: Shimon Halperin
Press and Marketing: Shiezoli,
Video Production: Neuman Media


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