Watch: Mesivta Of Clifton Siyum Video 2017




  1. My nephew is at That yeshiva and comes home every shabbos on a high from the ruach and achdus. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to join that illustrious yeshiva.

  2. My son Yossi is at MOC and my wife and I are so impressed of the Mesivta. Thank you Rabbi zaks and Rabbi halberstadt for all you do.

  3. My son is currently in 11th grade in Mesivta of Clifton! My husband and I have a tremendous amount of hachras ha’tov to the hanhala-especially Rabbi Zaks!
    My son has literally transformed into a new person from when he first entered Mesivta of Clifton until now. We are watching him shteig and become very serious about his learning. It is so unbelievable to see this transformation taking place and we give full credit to Mesivta of Clifton!
    Kol Hachoved!


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