WATCH! Mentors on a Mission!



Eighty mentors and students spent six days in Eretz Yisroel, learning and traveling together. The mentors, frum businessmen and professionals, traveled from North America for the bi-annual Mentors Mission program, to mentor beginner students at Ohr Somayach and expose them to the beauty of limud haTorah and living a Torah life.

The powerful influence that mentors have had on the bright young minds of beginner students on these programs has been incredible.

This video offers but a glimpse into this most remarkable and memorable experience-the Mentors Mission experience.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Who can forget the amazing jeeping scenery? Or the mind numbing Havdala? Love it every time. Keep it up!

  2. Reb Binyomin ashrecha ! you put together an amazing mission bringing yidishe nishamos to Torah and mitzvos . Inspiring the mentors and students.

  3. I consider myself to be a tough guy, but I was moved to tears watching this video. The chizuk and hisorirus that was generated by this mission is unbelievable. Kol hakavod.


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