Watch: Memebers Of Neturei Karta Shaking Hands With President Abbas



  1. Naturei Karta. NK. No King.

    They are simple. Very much to look physically halachaic. The hold fast is seeming a foreign flag. They clasp as if it was more than just their blessing of blood.

    Really, wait for Torah to bring our Temple. They will fall on their stomach and back as soon as the first sacrifice is made and even maybe die of human shock. The King is very real.

  2. Be honest. The Arabs are our cousins. I guess it is nice to see family members getting together. If we look at it that way, is it so bad?

  3. This is a big kidush hashem. The netira karte show that we the Jews can get along with our cousins the Arabs and we don’t have to fight. Every jew must learn from them and do this big mitzva.

    • mayerfreund, just move to an islamonazi state of your choice, so that you can be together with your cousins. Perhaps you can even put on a swastika armband in order to show that you get along with Amoleik your brother. Just step aside from the Jewish People, you Erev Rav.

      • Jews hads it much better it eretz Yisroel with the Turkish and the British before the Jewish zionists came here. No Jewish bloodshed.

      • Dear Shloma, the islamonazis always hated Jews, starting from MooHamEd the founder of their cult – the Jew hatred is written in the Koran. That was about 13 centuries before the Tzionim, in case you didn’t know. The only times Jews were not severely prosecuted by mooslems, was at times and places where the mooslems were not very strict about their religion – which is the same case with yoshka worshipers.

  4. These are self-hating Jews, who should be banished to the West Bank WITHOUT IDF support. Let’s see how they will survive

  5. If they see we are friendly and like them, then maybe that will prevent them committing acts of terror against other Yidden. This is a way to be michaniff them for our benefit.

  6. These people have to remember that to these people as in Germany or any during the WWll a Jew is still a Jew. They killed the ones against them first and then the killed the ones that were friendly to them latter, because a Jew is still a Jew to these people.

  7. Efsher: has the meshugene antics, and marching alongside the Yishma’elim in protests saved even one Jew? If so, provide proof! Then why are they stabbing, killing, running over with vehicles, and hacking to death with meat cleavers our yidden?? Open your eyes and let Seichel Hayoshor into your head!!

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