Watch: Megyn Kelly Welcomes Judge Rachel Freier


Last fall, Rachel Freier, a 52-year-old grandmother, was elected as a judge, even though she is a frum Jew. In her series She’s Got Faith, Megyn Kelly welcomes the woman The New York Times has called “the Hasidic superwoman of night court.”




  1. she is not the first frum female judge, as the frum media likes to call her. Unless, of course, the modern orthodox female judges, of which there are quite a few, dont count as frum according to the holier-than-thou standards of the yeshivish establishment.

  2. What she stands for is liberalism. She is really progressive, and a real feminist. What a embrassment! This is the version of Boro park that has moved far from religion. Disregarding all spirit of the law. tradition and culture is just as much part of the Torah as the law itself. We will just see if her grandchildren stay Jewish

    • Why are you so negative? She’s a religious woman, not a feminist but a strong willed woman who would not bow out of any part of yiddishkeit.

      “We will just see if her grandchildren stay Jewish” Instead of worrying about others, you should worry and pray about your own children and grandchildren.

    • According to your distorted thinking, Devorah Haneviah who judged klal Yisrael was an embarrassment, a liberal feminist who moved far from religion.

  3. If she is a judge she is not “frum” !!!!!! Because a “frum” Jewish woman wouldn’t want to be a judge it doesn’t work together

  4. yitzchok zev

    ‘ boro park moved so far from religion’
    so you include the10s of thousands of bobov,satmar, ger,skulen vizniz
    ] lakewood talmudim, mir, vienner etc etc ALL ALL moved away, and YOU?

  5. Why are MK’s opening words about how Chassidic women don’t work outside the home? I live in a chassidic community in Eretz Yisrael and all the women work (both those with husbands also working or those learning in kollel).

  6. I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to allow a comments section while at the same time carefully filtering out loshon hora, motzei shem rah and other violations of shmiras halashon (including my own). Judge Freier is a major baales chesed among other things, and shouldn’t be a target of gossip-mongers.


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