Watch: MBD Implores WhatsApp Users To Compensate Him For Stolen Music



  1. Pay MBD … For what? This guy has made a TON of money and now owns a nice dira in Yerushalayim…How about giving back to us? A dira in Beit Shemesh at least for my daughter???

  2. MBD takes non Jewis music adds his lyrics makes $ and give no credit to the goyinm who wrote the song! Gevald now MBD wants money for songs he didn’t right? Something is not kasher her.

  3. Most of my children’s friends are getting their music thru whatsapp, youtube, or just asking their friends to put it on their phones/ipods. Parents, do you really think that after 120 years, you will not be held accountable for this?? Implore your children to send money to the artists if they got their music this way. It is way more common than you think and the artists are suffering. Do you really want Jewish music to end because the artists couldn’t make it in the industry and had to find another job?? If that should happen, only blame yourselves for the fact that there is no Jewish music available.

  4. Mi k’amcha Yisroel is right. Instead of angrily criticizing those who so disappointingly stole R’ Mordechai’s music and parnassah (and he would certainly be justified in doing so), he chose to, k’lacher yad, do so by praising “all those who wish to pay for it.” Chazak ve’ematz!

  5. News title is totally misleading! Listen to MBD & you’ll see why. STOLEN music wasn’t at all mentioned & that’s not the point he’s making here. Whats wrong with the truth once in a while for crying out loud???

  6. After MBD pays Carlebach estate the royalties for plagiarizing his music, without credits, he could talk about his “own” songs, including the goyishe rock music that has some heimishe words.

  7. Thank you Reb Mordechai for being such an example for all of us. Thank you for everything you do. May Hashem continue to bless you for all the inspiration you have given us all these years.

  8. Many worthy jewish song composers and singers, if I may mention at least one, Yitzy Bald, give their lev v’nefesh to produce a kosher outlet of jewish music. Rather than criticize where the tunes comes from, look at the bright side. A fellow yid, whose parnassah depends on producing quality kosher music, should not have to worry why people are not purchasing their hartziga music for one to listen. Forget the tunes, listen to the holy words put together that send us all a message. If the current and younger generation would realize what making a parnassa is all about, many other quality song composers and singers would produce CD’s/DVD’s as often as they were once produced.

  9. Matzav, the comments are pure motzi shem ra and beneath your site. No reason they should have been allowed thru.

  10. Who ever posted bad comments are obviously the ones that did it illegally so stop answering back and just pay up

  11. by someone being aware that his songs are on youtube YOU/SINGER are agreeing that it is open to the public to listen & free to the world. perhaps you should search for all your songs on you tube & have them removed but HONESTLY i think that would be bad advertising as less people would think about you & your music.

    BEST ADVICE for singers & entertainers etc….: play along & let people enjoy your music & if they really enjoy it alot versus just listening one time then i am sure they will buy your new CD. I dont think they want to be stuck on the computer forever relistening to it over & over again on youtube

    & NO I HARDLY EVEN LISTEN TO MUSIC OR VISIT YOUTUBE. im just writing this to help YOU SINGERS out.

    time for you to move on

  12. I’m not justifying stealing music from ANY composer /singer. It’s an issur medioiraisa. That’s clear. But as far as parnassa is concerned, if the mitzius is that people steal this type of work, it might be time to get into a different parnassa. Chochom einov birosho.Yes things happen. It’s not a straight uphill success. There are loses, bad decisions, breakups, lawsuits, etc… but at the end of the day they’re matzliach. That’s life in the business world. My point being, grow up and stop being a baby. Get a normal job like everyone else.

  13. Wow, you immature @#$ at Matzav just had to completely chop up, edit, splice, censor, delete, paste, change, my original comment. What did you gain by doing so? Is true seichel not allowed to be expressed on your putrid website?

    • The sentence not considered appropriate for this website was taken out because it didn’t seem too integral to your message. Had your entire post relied on that line, it would not have been put up at all.


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