Watch: Man Goes Ballistic Over Seforim Requirements for Girls



  1. Cuz they’re smarter than you think they are! They have brains and ריינע הייליגע נשמות and they also have a דארש for the הייליגע תורה.

  2. Eat less yapchik and kokosh, and learn to speak and behave calmly. You’ll live longer.
    Give your girls the tools they need to live and grow in these difficult times. They’ll build beautiful homes that will give you much deeper satisfaction than a piece of kugel.

  3. Maybe the idea is the girls should be Yoshev in their homes surrounded by Seforim while cooking, cleaning and oh yeah…..raising the next generation and the men should go out and earn a livelihood.

  4. Couldn’t have her be smarter than dad. Perhaps before making a fool of himself he should just have some “potato kigel and a shtikele kokosh cake.”

  5. We are not living in the middle ages. This “relegating girls to the kitchen” mentality in the frum world is unacceptable and sexist. Disgusting to post this.

    • Zehava-please understand that YES a woman’s place is in the home and the kitchen. If they have to work it is bi’di’eved. When a woman is at home she is a mother, doctor, psychologist, social worker, cook, lawyer and all the other hats women need to wear while raising a family. Please don’t fall for idiocy of modern thought as it leads only to unhappiness.

  6. A bochur needs a Gemara and can be with one all day for months, bnos Yisoel learn varied limudim and therefore need more individual seforim.

  7. I cant believe a man is not ashamed to say this. Girls should know how to be Jews and also know how to run a household. These days, if girls dont fill their mind with Torah, they will absorb the sewer of the streets! It is a must to learn for the sake of becoming. Maybe his goal is to be a Yapchik LOL

  8. To be able to farher her husband to see if he’s taake learning in kolel or shmuessing and drinking coffee all day while she’s out at work.

  9. Oh please. Sounds like none of you have ever gone to a girls high school. I went to a Bais yaakov highschool not long ago, and my sefarim pile was triple as tall. ..and im aorry but i agree with him.
    Not has v’shalom saying girls shouldnt learn Torah. Of course we should. But the in-depth text based learning with all the mefarshim…ita a bit much. The intensity of it all was crazy. We all felt like a bunch of men in kollel.
    Fast forward now and im married nearly 9 years-all i remember from highschool were the beautiful discussions and interesting classes, not any of the hard core in-sefer learning.
    And i wish i could make a good yapchik.

  10. I agree with Bina; we are not in the shtetle anymore…while a woman out of school doesnt need to be learning all day. a frum woman without a few minutes of learning emunah, shmiras halashon etc will get pulled down by all that society offers


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