Watch: Man Assaults Frum Woman in London, Flips Over Two-Year-Old in Stroller


Shocking video footage, which can be seen below, shows the moment an alleged robber appears to violently snatch a from woman’s handbag in the street, knocking over her child’s pushchair. The incident took place on Darenth Road in Hackney, north-east London, on January 1.

The video shows the thief chasing the victim along a road before the stroller topples over as she struggles to hold on to the bag.

Shomrim released the footage in a bid to trace the alleged thief.

Chaim Kahan, from Stamford Hill Shomrim, said: “The woman is still very shaken and scared to leave her home. The two-year-old girl who was toppled over in the buggy, has since had terrible nightmares, waking up every few minutes, asking if the (man) has already been caught.”




  1. OMG, רח”ל, are tgey okay? Where did this happen? Was the fiend caught? Won’t the liberal leftists condone it? Just how so! Get this miserable עם הדומה לחמור out of this country! We are a free country, but that’s not what it is free for!

  2. With all due respect, it looks like there is more to the story. She knew he was coming after her. She turned around before he knocked over her stroller. What happened was, she got out of his cab without paying, claiming she didn’t have money and was going to her apartment to get some. When she started walking in the other direction, he took off after her. Don’t turn this into a hate crime. It had nothing going to do with it.

  3. Where was this? Why didn’t anyone help? Why doesn’t the media blame Trump? Oh…that’s only if the victim isn’t a Jew or the perpetrator isn’t a Muslim…forgot.

  4. And the idiotic reform and modern Orthodox Jews voted Hillary who wanted to flood out frum communities with more Moslems. Trump is the answer.


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