Watch: Los Angeles Has The Worst Traffic In The World, Data Shows


William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles.




  1. Where is Mike Bl$$mberg & Al Gore when you need them? They have to ban cars in LA. From now on they should only allow bicycles. They should do the right thing and turn those freeways into bike lanes. They should build cement islands in the middle. They should plast grass in the shoulders. This way those evil elitist white Democrats can finally stop damaging the ozone layer and causing global warming.

  2. The formula used to calculate traffic by “car-hours” and/or “man-hours” is flawed. There are almost 6 times as many cars in Los Angeles as there are in NY and more than 12 times as many cars in Los Angeles as there are in Washington, DC. Both NY & DC have abundant public transportation which skews the numbers even further. I drive in L.A. often. Where I drive I have very little or no gridlock. When I go to DC I find gridlock everywhere. It doesn’t pay to rent a car in DC. There is always gridlock and nowhere to park. New York is the worst. Everything is hefker in New York. You’d think that the driving laws, parking laws and the pedestrian laws are nonexistent. There is always gridlock in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Flatbush, etc. Drivers park in your driveway or block your driveway or double park. Pedestrians are ignorant of cross and don’t-cross signals, they just wander into traffic like behaimos. The cops in New York are corrupt. If you show them a PBA card you can get out of a ticket. The only way to really see the diference is to visit L.A. and N.Y. You will see a big difference contrary to the slanted statistics you see on line.


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