WATCH: Looks Like Omarosa Forgot About These Tapes…



  1. Now that Hillary lost there’s no longer any need to show pictures of women, especially those whose tznius is lacking. If Yiddishe mamas wanted their husbands and sons to see pictures of women wearing sleeveless dresses and blouses or low necklines they would bring magazines and catalogs into their homes, but that’s not the case; we don’t bring pritzus into our homes. Shmiras ainayim is more important today than it was years ago when fashions and standards were more modest and women weren’t flaunting themselves all over the media.
    Please stop showing these questionable pictures. Ask your rabbinical advisors, if you still have any, what they think. I’m fairly certain they will agree with the mothers out there who want to keep their husbands’ and sons’ eyes pure.

  2. People who want to kerp their husbands and sons eyes pure, should not have a smartphone and same goes for you. What are you doing on here if you are so pure and holy? Wheres your flip phone?


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