WATCH LIVE, 9 PM ET: The Second Presidential Debate, Trump vs. Clinton


The second general election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will kick off at 9 p.m. ET on the campus of Washington Unviersity in St. Louis, Missouri.

The debate comes about two weeks after the two nominees last faced off at their first debate and after major revelations have surfaced about Trump’s past.

As with previous debates, this event will run for 90 minutes without commercial interruptions, but unlike the prior ones, this will be a town hall event, which means that the candidates will be mingling with and taking questions directly from the audience, rather than being confined behind their respective podiums.

This event will be moderated by both Martha Raddatz, co-anchor of This Week on ABC, and Anderson Cooper of CNN.

In addition to fielding hand-picked questions from members of the 900-person audience, the moderators will be looking to social media for guidance on which issues the American public wants to see Clinton and Trump address.




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