Watch: Lipa: “Why Do People Criticize Music Artists?”


Lipa Schmeltzer, with his young son Shimmy at his side, shares his opinion as to why people feel free to criticize music artists more than they would other people with different careers or businesses.




  1. I think the reason is very simple . Anybody in a public arena will be criticized. Be it a Rabbi, Politician, Entertainer, or a Public Figure. When people see someone publicly they are quick to criticize. And the reason is because they will find an element that they do not like about whatever the person did or said and will criticize. So if someone chooses to be in the spotlight they need to understand that they will find enemies.

  2. Cute kid.
    I like that Coke Cola puzzle on the wall behind them.
    Is Lipa wearing a Neturei Karta scarf?
    Public figures will always get comments said about them. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. That’s the nature of the beast. They are like an Amazon reviews, which I always read before making any purchase. Nu nu.
    Dentists, accountants, grocery employees, shoe salesmen, etc… are not viewed as public figures. Entertainers ARE perceived as public property. Look at Hollywood. Same thing. Nobody cares about getting an autograph from his teller at his local bank branch, or Heshy behind the counter in my closest pizza shop. Hello?

  3. i love music but i criticize LIPA & just 1 or 2 others (from the tons of jewish singers & artists) with HONESTY:

    For bringing the tumah of goyish music with just changing the words to the frum world & lowering the kedusha of klal yisroel with ruining frum torah people & bringing many of their children to becoming KAR r”l

    you can do it too LIPA join the frum heimesh singers singing with a jewish taam,

    bring back frum heimesh music with a jewish taam before more yidden go off the derech’

    a adult who used to be a Kid at risk

  4. Can I submit a video to Matzav about why a musical artists opinion about anything other than their expertise is worthwhile. Why musically talented people should be idolized.

  5. What a cute boy. To the person that asked what the boys shirt says. It says “Ashar”, it is a school in the Monsey area.

  6. Well…if you are being criticized, it most likely is because as soon as your career took off, so did part of your past. The changes you made in your appearance and in how your children look is enough of a sign that a career in the spotlight is fraught with danger. I have no issue with different looks or judge people by a single standard of dress…however, when one is raised in a chassidik environment and little by little, standards are lowered and more liberties are taken…when beautiful soul music is turned into cheap jazz to imitate the nations…. it is loving criticism meant to inform not to hurt..

  7. I don’t think I own a part of any music artist. I can think of plenty of well known singers (music artists)that no one expresses any opinion about.Either you like their CDs or you don’t. No one has an opinion about them further than that.

    However when someone does something as flamboyant as releasing a new music album with music that some consider unacceptable, making concerts and starts attention seeking people will have opinions.

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