Watch: Lipa Schmeltzer Graduates Columbia University With Honors



  1. Had he stuck to his beautiful heimisha songs he would be so special.
    Come back to your people. G-d blessed you with many talents. The Torah is the ultimate truth. College is miseducation.

  2. College is not miseducation..there are g/d fearing yungerliet that go to college not everyone is cut out for a PCs accounting course … the person featured in this post obviously had issues with his background a lot before and totally unrelated to college

  3. This is neat. He can make more commentary today because his eye will not just be Torah perfect but also community sense improved by his education. Any yid who underrates college is simple and small in his concept of humanity.

    Learning Torah requires the most advanced mind. And if you forget to consider college, you are silly. The whole process has critical thought and improved faith. It can be done in 4 years or less and it is smart.

    Why not? Credit to Hashem. A college.

  4. Columbia Jewniversity? Big deal. I see his family became very modern. Sometimes this happens after Chassidim downgrade themselves to tuna-bagels. It’s a very short ride downhill from there.

  5. the ribono shel olam gave each Person a tafkid some People where put in this world to give musser others to clean toilets Lipa was put into this world to Show the world the more you learn the more you know learn more torah and you will be able to teach the world torah

  6. No one can say honestly and objectively that college is not “miseducation”. Now of course many g-d fearing people may be directed to go to college by their rov or rebbe in order to pursue a parnassa. HOWEVER, as Rav Avigdor Miller said, a plumber who has to enter a dirty and immoral home in order to fix their pipes, will still be influenced and tarnished from entering such a home. That is the reality of life. College is poison for ones mind and soul, and even if a person must enter, he may still get affected no matter if it’s permitted or not.

    Full quote from Rav Miller:
    The Rav mentioned last week that many college courses as well the college environment will poison the mind against proper Torah attitudes. But how is our community going to have Jewish doctors, lawyers and accountants?

    This gentleman is asks how are we going to have Jewish professionals if nobody goes to college.

    Now, I actually did not say that no one should go to college. If anyone gets permission from his local Torah authority – a Torah authority who knows him well – if his rebbe tells him that for him college is good, then it’s a different story. I’m not saying anything at all on that subject.

    However, imagine – you’ll have to excuse me for giving the following example. Suppose someone is a plumber. That’s his livelihood – a plumber. He gets a call and he comes to a certain house and he discovers that it’s not a place where a decent man should walk in. But he has come to fix the toilet so he fixes the plumbing. But he hears the goings-on. He hears and he sees, and when he walks out of that place he smells bad – and not because of the toilet.

    There’s no question that he had to pay something – he had to give up something – for his livelihood. “Bi’nafsho yavi lachmo” – With his soul he brings his bread. He has to bring bread home to his family but he had to give away part of his soul for it. Once he walks into a place like that, even though he is entirely innocent, the smell from there is already a part of him. And I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to get it out of himself.

    Now, if a man has to go to college – there’s no other way for him and he gets a heter – even though it may be permissible, he must realize that he will be paying for it. Yes, he has paid for it. There is no question that when you associate with low people its going to make a mark, an impression, on your mind that will never be erased. No matter how much you try you will never get rid of it. And its a very expensive price to pay –
    [ at this point the tape is cut off – v’chaval al d’avdan]

    TAPE # 119 (April 1976)

    Now someone who embarks on a campaign to change the Jewish attitude towards education, and to force orthodox Jewish schools to teach secular courses, against their long held customs and faith, and tries to encourage the orthodox and chassidic community to embrace college education for their youth, is not only getting poisoned, but he is poisoning others. And that is a grave sin.

    V’hameivin Yavin.

      • R.A.M. ZT”L had one opinion on college, but there are equally valid opinions that are fine with it e.g. The Lubavitcher Rebbe ZT”L, RYB”S ZT”L, R. Aharon Lichtenstein ZT”L all went to college and I think they are still pretty good Jews.

  7. A wake up call to educators. Too many of the kids who yeshivas decided were learning disabled end up being above average intelligence and head to places where they are not labeled at risk, are not pulled out and put into learning disabled programs. Some of the kids I’ve mentored who were supposedly too unintelligent to be in mainstream classes got scholarships to top tier colleges and shine there. This is another case of a brilliant mind undervalued by us who found that outside our system their talents and kochos (and intelligence) are acknowledged.

  8. He became very wealthy from his singing career, performances, CDs etc what does he need college 4, he’s making plenty of $$$ B”H, maylah someone who doesn’t have a talent or can’t start a business 2 go 2 College is 1 thing, he B”H has become very successful financially what does he need this 4, maybe bec in Skver they didn’t teach him how 2 read write & speak properly so that’s y he went other than that b”h he has plenty $$$ probably invested in real estate or something, he probably makes & will make more $$$ than any other of those students even with their degree, it’s known even with a degree, those ppl who start up business who never went 2 college wind up more successful than with anyone who has the biggest degree, that’s besides private sergions, dentists etc

    • I see that you call yourself “Successful enough” however, you seem quite concerned about how much $$$ another Yid makes. Secondly, Lipa didn’t go to college to make more money. He went to college because he enjoys doing and what he truly believes in. I have been down the same road to some extent that he has. I grew up in a town with practically no secular education and non in high school (which I eventually dropped out of). However, I wanted to go to college after spending years in a prominent Kollel, because I had a passion to help others. I became a Doctor not because of the $$$ I promise you. You mention “those ppl who start up business who never went 2 college wind up more successful than with anyone who has the biggest degree”. I’m assuming you define “successful” by how much $$$ someone has in the bank. regardless, FALSE FALSE FALSE. Read the real statistics and don’t go by what you hear in the Mikvah. College educated individuals make on average $25,000 more than just high school educated individuals, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interestingly enough, Matzav reported on the income of New Square just a few days ago. I’m not going to start on your Shpiel of talent because it’s a wast of my time. what I can say is that I totally agree with what someone quoted from Rabbi Miller. College is not the place for a Ben Torah speaking from experience. However, we should not be so judgmental of what Yenem is doing and how much $$$ he/she makes because it creates so much Sinas Chinum.

  9. I don’t have a problem with anyone going to college. I do have a problem seeing a Yid wearing something with a tzilem on it.

  10. He made and could of made a lot of easy money just by remaining a singer in the heimisha circles. He should of put himself under the guidance of a choshuva Rav and continued making concerts. Now he has messed himself up and will not attract a real following other than a few tuna beigels. Whoever advised him actually misled him. If you have a talent don’t mess it up. That would of been my advice. Maybe he can make a comeback. The outside world will never follow your music.

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