Watch: Levi Falkowitz Sings “Despacito” at a Recent Wedding




  1. This is disgraceful. Why must we copy the goyim? We are supposed to influence them, instead we’re letting them influence us. Oy meh haya lanu. And you want to know why Moshiach isn’t here yet?

  2. If this is what our community/the Am Hanivchar is excited about…. I shudder to think.
    This song is so low, even the mainstream media has commented that if people would only know the translation of the lyrics to this song…

  3. So I see every single comment here is screaming in unison PLEASE REMOVE THIS COLOSSAL CHILLUL HASHEM from your website. Must we follow, listen, and know every sad event that takes place today. Nebach!

    Allowing our moral voices to stay silent is tantamount to condoning the ways of the wicked. With that in mind, I have raised my pen to scold the shameful editors who have promoted these foolish actions by re-posting it online.

    Albeit the diverse times live in, we hope for people to display some sort of recognition for Elul and Yom HaDin. After seeing this post on, I began to ponder the myriad ways in which our world has drastically changed. Elul is dead – nail, meet coffin.

    Please do the right thing and remove this port.

  4. This is not any worse than the songs that MBD pirated from the German singing group, or his famous song copied from “Men at Work”, “A land down under” or the theme song played when a Choson and Kallah walk into the room for the first dance stolen from “The Final Countdown”.


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